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AI MINER connects and empowers industry and academic partners
to accelerate medical imaging AI development and FDA clearance.
Build Strong AI

Industry Partners

Let us do the difficult mining! Request curated datasets from academic partners, and our miners will securely transfer de-identified images, reports and metadata to support development and FDA clearance of strong AI algorithms.
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AI Development & FDA Validation
Complimentary Expert Consultation
Competitive Pricing
Groundbreaking AI Research

Academic Partners

Free your mine! Leverage mining technology to collaborate with industry partners on AI imaging research, fund your own AI imaging research projects, and access our diverse database of de-identified images, reports and metadata for academic research. 
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Free Bulk De-Identification Tools
World's Largest AI Research Study
Secure Data Transfer
Access to All Datasets for Research
Security You Can Trust

Ethical AI Research

AI Miner ensures patient privacy, security, data rights, and fair pricing. All projects have a defined research objective and IRB approval. We leverage HIPAA-compliant secure data mining technology. Our fair pricing is the lowest in the industry and covers research and service costs, assigning zero dollars to the images and data. 
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IRB Approved
HIPPA Compliant
Fair Pricing

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