Industry Partners

Gain access to diverse curated datasets from one or more Academic Partners. Connect with our minors, make a data request using our simple and secure webform, and receive a quote with our fair pricing promise. Academic Partners leverage our HIPAA-compliant mining technology to curate, extract, de-identify, and securely transfer diverse images, reports and metadata for development and validation of strong AI algorithms. 


AI Miner connects Industry Partners with Academic Partners to maximize imaging data diversity and to accelerate development and validation of strong AI algorithms
Simple webform to request de-identified datasets
Data mining by world-class academic partners
Data transfer is secure and HIPAA compliant
Accelerate AI development & validation
Fair pricing for industry partners
Image diversity is key to building strong AI

AI mining in 3 easy steps


Tell us what you need

Become an Industry Partner. Our miners will send you a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your intellectual property, and we will send you a link to a simple webform, where you can request diverse curated de-identified images, reports and metadata.

Request refinement and pricing

Our miners will meet with you to review and refine your request and to form a research objective. This is easy and doesn’t delay mining or delivery. Then we validate the search parameters and provide a quote with fair pricing. When you are ready, we sign an agreement so that our miners can get to work.

Data mining and secure transfer

Our Academic Partners leverage our mining technology to complete your request. The images, reports, and metadata are de-identified and securely transferred to our repository for validation, meeting HIPAA standards for patient privacy and security. Then we securely transfer the data to you and follow up to ensure satisfaction.

Access The Mine

Become an Industry Partner and gain access to the simple image and data request webform.
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Got questions?

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What kinds of images, reports and metadata are in the mines?

Our academic partners collectively have access to tens of millions of imaging exams, full radiology reports, and data from the electronic medical records. All datasets can be full de-identified. All major imaging vendors are represented, and we can provide vendor agnostic or vendor specific datasets.

Does AI Miner have access to the latest imaging technologies?

Yes. Our Academic Partners have access to the latest imaging technologies and techniques. The images from these start-of-the-art scanners are mined and stored in our secure repository. 

How do the academic partners find the ideal datasets?

Our miners work with our Academic Partners to search the radiology reports or electronic medical records to identify the perfect datasets. We frequently conduct preliminary searches as part of our validation process, prior to closing a contract with an Industry Partner.

Can you mine patient outcomes data?

Yes. Our Academic Partners are experts at mining complex patient outcome data from the electronic medical records. Patient demographics, pathology results, clinical notes, labs, follow up exam results, survival outcomes, and more can be fully de-identified and securely transferred.

How long does it take to receive a dataset?

The timing for electronic delivery of a dataset depends on the complexity of the request. Datasets in the archive (secure cloud storage) can often be delivered within 48 hours. Unique datasets that need to be mined from Academic Partners are commonly delivered within 30 days. A few large projects that require manual extraction of patient data can be delivered in parts, with most data delivered within 30 days and manual aspects delivered later. We include timing of delivery in our agreements and work to meet the needs of the Industry Partner.

Does AI Miner buy and sell patient datasets, and how much does it cost?

We don’t sell or place a value on patient images, reports, or data. Our fair pricing covers research and service expenses only, including personnel effort and data curation, de-identification, storage and transfer. The costs of our services depend upon the volume of images needed and overall complexity of the research, including the need for patient outcomes data. Because of our fair pricing promise, we have the lowest prices in the industry.

Do you offer annotation services?

Yes! Many industry partners find our annotation services to be faster, less expensive, and better than they could have done on their own. You can request exclusive rights to the fully annotated data for AI algorithm training. We can discuss this at any point and include image annotation in a separate contract if needed.

Can you help us with FDA clearance and research validation?

Yes! We can help you with software engineering, FDA application preparation, multi-reader research validation,  guidance in establishing a quality management system (QMS), and more.